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Tips for Buying Business Shirts at CalibreApparel.com

So if you have been given the task yourself of buying business shirts for your company or organization in bulk. Where should you start?

First of all, take your “hat of retail shopping”. Because you are not buying shirts for just yourself, you are buying uniforms for a team of your company. So definitely you need to know that the shirts you choose is must come in a range of all sizes to suit different body shapes. When if you have both men and women in your company. The shirts should come in your matching or styles. Most important thing, they must be practical to maintain and to care for. After all, there is not much point having a uniform if they look bad.

What is a Dress Shirt

A proper business dress shirt is a button-up with a collar, long sleeves, and cuff type. It is generally made with a cotton woven cloth and dyeing process, non-intrusive patterns and colors. By varying these characteristics, a dress shirt can either give the message its wearer is ready for business or ready to meet the famous personality.

Dress Shirt Fit

Most people wear dress shirts that do not fit them correctly. The problem is that some ready made garments are made for many fit; the result will come, they will not fit perfectly. We all accept somewhere if a shirt fits us in the neck but it fails us in the sleeve length; if it fits well in the sleeves, than it will billows out around the stomach. So let me describe the fit here. Basically it is only achievable on a custom shirt or that is perfectly fitting and then tailored by a skilled hand.

A well fitted dress shirt should first and principal to be comfy; this is very different for every man. Tall men are mostly complimented by a looser fitting while short and thin men are complimented by a more shape cut.


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