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Fashion Trend Spring Summer 2017

Lace dress and floral print
What makes a beautiful girl and woman? Of course, dress. That’s why summer floral prints and delicate lace dresses are not going out of style. Next summer, it’s a good idea to prioritize interesting decorations and short model dresses such as butterflies (Vivienne Tam) or large flowers (Lilac Rose).
Wrinkles and Top Dresses
Very nice high slim girl will find a dress with wrinkles and open shoulders and longs hips formed in Spain way.
Pop Art and Retro is
The collection of Jeremy Scott filled with retro motifs that were one of the brightest and most discussed. Fashion accessories, judging by her will be crazy, retro print. By the way, the fresh and related models show hairstyles pages that are very popular in the 50s and 60s.
Oversized jackets, metal and color fur
Spring fashion 2017 – The volume is in first place Hood, jacket painted with bright colorful colors Future metal colors, made of artificial and natural fur products. Out of fashion and bombers are not.
Long Sleeve If
You prefer a warm and cozy knit thing; you know that this spring will be long sleeves and a wide sleeves and a few trendy loose jumpers and sweaters.


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