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The New Look of Fashion with The Sneakers

How to pair sneakers? The fashion lovers around the world shows us every day that the outfit more beautiful and can be easily completed by a pair of sports shoes, by the look with jeans and pants in woven ones with dresses, short, long and midi, with skirts and shorts: let’s discover together the finest combinations of chic to sneakers.

How to match sneakers with black and white
black and white
Learn how to match sneakers with white and black is essential for a fashion, we discuss with models in the collections of the most famous brands, both in winter and in summer. The look with the white sneakers are the most fashionable these footwear easily matched with skinny jeans or flared, skirts in solid but also to the heads in colors pastel, and even neon more intense. Sneakers black are perfect to enhance the look of winter: we have already seen how to match it with the Converse, and so we know that this model in particular, it coordinates very well with the leather pants and the skirts in the same fabric, but also with shorts and pants with pleats.

How to match with high sneakers
high sneaker
Learn how to match the high sneakers it is so easy. The wedge sneakers and the high ones at the ankle are always present in the lines in winter and spring, the most suitable accessories to be worn with pants fabric at the ankle like the models in culottes or forms of the baggy and cargo sporty chic. Pairing sneakers and skirts dress fabric, those from the casual style, perfect for make day look of the character, even more if you complete the outfit with a leather jacket or a bomber jacket.

Look more fashion with the colorful sneakers
colorful sneaker
How to match sneakers with red, gold, yellow, green, pink or silver is essential to achieve a look that is always trendy. The colorful sneakers are the perfect choice matching with the garments in denim jeans in all shapes to skirts from overalls to shorts. You can also combine the models of pastel to the outfit in color block dresses with floral prints and skirts in shades as light as white cream or gray. To contrast the dark clothes love the silver sneakers and gold, but also red ones while the sneakers yellow green or multi-color patterns are perfect under white pants.


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